Best fratmen hazing rituals during a party

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The parties are places where people set loose, and there’s no better place for some fratmen hazing action then that. This all male party pretty soon turned nasty as the new initiates got to their hazing assignments, this time it’s a cock sucking competition, only the few of the people trying for the clan would get received, and those are the few that are the best at pleasing their friends with their blowjob skills.

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Comparing cocks as fratmen hazing tasks

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This club only accepts guys with big cocks, but they are not taking the word of the members for it, they are asking for solid proof of the lenght, and when they say solid, they mean solid, the boss didn’t let these guys put on any clothes until they got a nice wood, and only then did he get the ruler and told them to measure each other. Only the best ones get accepted, so they were thinking sexy thoughts all the time while their male friends worked with their cocks

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Football guys going through fratmen hazing

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Hazing is never easy no matter the type of gang you are trying to get into, but this sport gang have the worst one ever, these straight fratmen had to get completely naked except for their helms and to play a game of football like that, keeping their boners up, the ones that went limp too soon would not get accepted to the gang!

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Balls licking in fratmen hazing

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Here’s a hazing that very few fratmen would go throught, the sadistic club leader forced the guys to take off all of their clothes and get on top of one another and lick each other’s balls. They didn’t fail, and that’s all I’ll say, here are the videos of them making faces and grimaces, but doing what they are told, they must really want to become a part of this clan if they are willing to go that far.

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Outdoor neighborhood fratmen hazing task

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Now here’s something I’m not sure I could do if I got ordered to, these fratmen have to go down a well standing urban street and bang on every door on the way with their pants down and their cocks out. It doesn’t matter who opens the doors for them, they are obliged to shake their ass and their dangling cock at the whoever opens the door before they can move on to the next house, and only when they are done with that they can call themselves part of the gang.

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