Outdoor neighborhood fratmen hazing task

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Now here’s something I’m not sure I could do if I got ordered to, these fratmen have to go down a well standing urban street and bang on every door on the way with their pants down and their cocks out. It doesn’t matter who opens the doors for them, they are obliged to shake their ass and their dangling cock at the whoever opens the door before they can move on to the next house, and only when they are done with that they can call themselves part of the gang.

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Straight fratmen passing some gay tests

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There’s no easy path into the high class brotherhood, and these fratmen aren’t even thinking of slacking off, they have all they need for their latest hazing test, a lot of alcohol and each other. The test is to get pissed drunk and to get each other to crack wood while the whole brotherhood watches and makes video of that attempt.

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Drinks and gay fucking as fratmen hazing

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These guys never thought of fucking each other before, but several drinks into the night the leader of the gang got them to work on each other as part of the fratmen hazing initiation ceremony. They have never before had their cock up a male ass, but that didn’t stop them this time, they were more then happy to get to work on each other and fuck those tight asses just to become part of the gang.

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Anal hazing for straight fratmen

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There’s no bigger humiliation then having one’s ass violated, and that’s why most of the hazing tasks in this all boy college involve just that kind of fun! The fratmen this time have to bend over and not look behind them as the full members take turn on their asses, just for every case, their arms are tied to the rail so they can’t get loose while they are going through the hazing, in front of the cameras, of course, so they can never leave the gang.

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Hazing party for horny fratmen

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All males colleges have some weird hazing rituals, there’s no doubt about that, and what these guys do to get into these clubs is something none of the straight fratmen would be caught dead doing. Still, the membership is too big of a prise for them to pass it on, so they get on their knees and spread their legs for the hazing fucking that is delivered to them when they apply for full membership!

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